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Information About THE CANDLES PIN

THE CANDLES PIN is a project of the Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund. Jami Marks died of suicide at the age of 21 and this fund was created in her memory to help others. Tikkun Olam is the Jewish concept of healing the world. The goals of this fund are to work toward ending the ignorance, shame and stigma of brain disorders and to help prevent suicide. The goals will be accomplished through education and awareness projects and by supporting programs with similar goals. By wearing this pin and telling people about CANDLES, you are helping to eliminate stigma, increase awareness and show support to people with brain disorders.

The pin features a candle with a heart in the flame to represent the light of awareness, healing and love. Because depression is a disease of “darkness” the candle pin was created to bring the light of awareness to the darkness of Depression and Brain Disorders and help “Light the way” to support healing and hope. Behind the candle is a rainbow, because the rainbow is a sign of hope and a positive outcome. It takes both rain and sunshine to produce a rainbow and rainbows have occurred throughout the ages after a tragedy to signify hope for the future. The evening that Jami died, her mother and father saw a beautiful rainbow and this “sign” gave them hope that they could turn this personal tragedy into something positive and hopeful to help others.

CANDLES is helping by:

CANDLES can help light the way to
support, healing and hope:

Changing attitudes &

Awareness about the

Need to learn about

Depression & brain disorders

Lifeskills & treatment, &

Education about

Suicide prevention

Connect with other people

Ask for help and support

Notice unhealthy or disordered thoughts & behaviors

Don’t hurt yourself

Learn symptoms, warning signs & risk factors

Express your feelings & needs

Seek treatment from a professional

Each pin comes on a card with following information and can be ordered by making a contribution of $5.00 plus shipping and handling. See full card here.

Click here for information about ordering THE CANDLES PIN

The CANDLES PIN and The Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund were created by Jami’s mother, Jill Ann Marks. She is a Holistic Psychologist and Lifeskills Coach. For more information about her please visit

The artistic designer of the CANDLES PIN and the accompanying information card was Lisa Rosenthal.

The Administrator for The Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Fund and THE CANDLES PIN is Rena Lindgren. Rena is a Computer Consultant/Database Administrator through her business called “Your Computer Buddie!” She specializes in assisting and training home computer users. She can be reached via email at . Rena lost her father to suicide when she was 15 years old.

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