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Jami Alanna Marks
1977 - 1999

A complete biography will be added to this page soon.

We Remember Her

We have lost someone who was very dear to us.

We are filled with sadness and emptiness because she no longer will be near to us.

Now as we begin to heal, may we know and recognize the new ways she will appear to us.

In the magic of a rainbow, in the vibrant colors of sunrise and sunset, in the majesty of the mountains, in the twinkling of the stars and in the dancing of the leaves, we will see her.

In the singing of the birds, in the whispering of the wind, in the pounding of the waves, in the flowing of rivers and rushing of creeks and in the thunder of a waterfall, we will hear her.

In the warmth of the sunlight, the calm of the moonlight, the caressing of the breeze,  the coolness of the rain and in the texture of the trees, we will feel her.

In the smoke of a campfire, the fragrance of the flowers, the pungency of herbs and spices and in the freshness of the forest, we will smell her.

When we are at celebrations and rituals, or blessed by a visit from a butterfly, listening to music she loved or near a place where we once were with her, partying or planting our garden, we will remember her.

Jami will live on in the memories we have of her, in her acts of kindness and in her loving and giving ways.  We will remember her smile and her laughter and all that she meant to us, including her adventurous spirit, her love of nature, her healing words and touch, her joy, her zest and even her pain, sorrow and struggles.

May the light of her soul continue to shine in our hearts and may her spirit guide us to greater love and acceptance of ourselves and others.  May her love and wisdom remind us to reach out to others with compassion and kindness and may her connection to nature lead us to greater respect of the earth and all life.  May her healing power help us to find our own wholeness and the true self within us and may her faith direct us to the divine within and all around us.  And may her life be a blessing as each of us comes to a place of peace as we remember her. 

by Jill Ann Marks

This poem was written in memory of Jami by her mother, Jill Ann Marks
She is featured in an article in the SAVE newsletter “Voices of SAVE.”

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