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This website features the CANDLES PIN
File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0
which was created to
“Bring The Light of Awareness to the Darkness of Depression and Brain Disorders”

The CANDLES PIN is a project of The Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund.  Jami Marks died of suicide at the age of 21 and her family wanted to find a way to turn their tragic loss into something that could help others who are facing mental health challenges.

The goals of The Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund and the CANDLES PIN are to work toward ending the ignorance, shame and stigma of brain disorders and to help prevent suicide.  These goals are accomplished through education and awareness projects.

This website will provide information about the CANDLES pin, Jami Marks and the fund created in her memory.  It also provides links to numerous resources for Mental Health, Suicide prevention and Grief.  In the near future it will have information about the brain and common brain disorders as well as guidance for maintaining a healthy brain.

We hope that you will find useful information and supportive resources that will “Light the Way” to healing & hope for you or someone you care about.