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The Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund

The Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund was created in memory of Jami Marks, who died of suicide at the age of 21. Tikkun Olam is the Jewish concept of healing the world and this fund will be used to support programs and projects that will help to heal and make a difference in our world.

The goals of the Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund are to work toward ending the ignorance, shame, and stigma of brain disorders and to help prevent suicide. These goals will be accomplished through education and awareness projects and by supporting other programs with similar goals.

One big project is THE CANDLES PIN which brings the “Light of awareness to depression and brain disorders.” These pins come on a card with information about brain disorders and resources for support and help. Wearing the pin shows support to people with brain disorders.

The logo for this fund features a rainbow between two heart shaped clouds. The dark cloud is upside down to represent the darkness of depression and brain disorders. The rainbow which represents hope and a positive outcome reaches from the dark cloud to a white cloud and signifies light and awareness. There is a butterfly above the rainbow which symbolizes transformation and healing. The rainbow and the heart are also seen on the CANDLES PIN. Jami’s parents saw a beautiful rainbow on the evening that she died and believed that this was a sign that something positive would come from the tragic loss of their daughter. The CANDLES PIN and the Jami Alanna Marks Tikkun Olam Fund and all that it supports are the positive blessings that have come from Jami’s death.

Jami gave so much of herself to other people and had a deep respect for our earth and all of creation. She was dedicated to bringing healing and transformation to our world. In her memory, this fund will help others & honor her values in many ways.

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